Security Footage Shows Officer Lead Mitt Romney to Safety During Capitol Riot (Video)

Officer Eugene Goodman was previously seen in viral photos and videos holding back dozens of insurrectionists inside the Capitol

During Wednesday’s proceedings in Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, the House’s impeachment managers played previously unseen footage from inside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection that showed an officer leading Sen. Mitt Romney to safety.

The officer in question, Eugene Goodman, had previously been seen in viral photographs and videos taken inside the Capitol holding back dozens of insurrectionists and diverting them away from the Senate chamber.

In the security footage, Goodman can be seen running toward Romney and directing him to turn around toward safety. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Romney said he hadn’t seen the footage before and did not realize it was Goodman who he encountered in the hallway.

Wednesday’s footage comes after the House’s impeachment managers played a striking video of the Capitol attack juxtaposed with clips of Trump’s remarks at a rally preceding the insurrection.

Watch the footage above.


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