‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dad Tells Son He’s About to Sleep With Women Who Aren’t Mom (Exclusive Video)

Weirdly that doesn’t sit well with the boy

To any parent thinking about dabbling in polygamy, probably the best way you can tell your sweet, shy 14-year-old son is through a heart-to-heart chat on national television. At least, that’s what “Seeking Sister Wife” Season 2 subject Bernie does with his son, John, on Sunday’s “Sister Wives” spinoff’s season premiere.

Per their lovely park-bench convo, Bernie is thinking that a grand total of three wives sounds like “a real good number.” That way he can “balance time better.”

“I’m gonna have to sleep at night, right?” he says to John in TheWrap’s sneak peek clip. “Right now, I sleep at night in the same bed with your mother. If I have two wives I’ll have to rotate nights between them.”

“Might be a little too much information for ya,” Bernie added.

Yup, for us too.

Watch our exclusive video above.

Below is the family’s bio, courtesy of TLC.

Paige and Bernie McGee
After a fire destroyed their Brandon, Mississippi house, Paige and Bernie moved with their two young sons and two dogs into a tiny mobile camper. Rather than letting it get them down, the McGees seize this as an opportunity to embrace a fresh start. Bernie and Paige were previously seeking a sister wife for several years, but their previous attempts sparked jealousy in Paige. After taking a break from the search, they are now ready to dust the cobwebs off their dating profile and put themselves back on the market! Their foray into online dating yields a promising candidate named Brandy, and they seem to be on a fast track to plural harmony, until Paige’s jealousy returns and threatens their hope of ever expanding the McGee tribe.

“Seeking Sister Wife,” produced for TLC by Discovery Studios, premieres its second season Sunday at 10/9c, immediately following the Season 8 premiere of “Sister Wives.”