‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Big Bang’ Mega-Deals Prove Classic TV Sitcoms Could Decide Who Wins in Streaming

”Those classic brands are fundamentally important — to draw us in, and keep us there,“ Peter Csathy, chairman of Creatv, a media and tech advisory firm, says

As Disney, WarnerMedia and Comcast all prepare to challenge Netflix for its streaming throne, their success or failure could be decided by shows that existed long before anyone knew the phrase “binge-viewing.”

Netflix paid handsomely for “Seinfeld,” while WarnerMedia is dipping into its bank account so “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory” can bolster HBO Max when it debuts next year. NBCU’s newly-named streaming service Peacock is built around reruns of “The Office,” and other classic NBC sitcoms, such as “Parks & Recreation,” “Cheers” and “30 Rock.”

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Tim Baysinger

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Sean Burch

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