Seinfeld Sells Wedding Date for ‘Marriage Ref’ (video)

Why did Jerry and pal Tom Papa travel to the frozen tundra of Minnesota to tout their new NBC reality comedy?

Last Updated: October 8, 2012 @ 12:21 PM

NBC has been giving its new Jerry Seinfeld – produced reality comedy "The Marriage Ref" a big – time sales offensive, even taking to movie theaters to promote the show.

It's not unusual for networks, especially those of the cable variety, to tout their wares via pre-show featurettes now common at many big multiplexes. But in most cases, the show's being super-hyped are of the scripted variety.

But "Marriage" has Seinfeld. On Thursday nights. No wonder, then, that NBC is sparing no coin in getting the word out about his series, which debuts March 4 right after the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

Here's a version of the longform ad for "Marriage Ref" now running in theaters nationwide. It features Seinfeld and "Ref" Tom Papa attempted to ice fish in Minnesota — because, Seinfeld notes in another video on, the icy tundra of Duluth reminds him of the tough terrain that is marriage.