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Self Magazine Cover With ‘Plus-Size’ Model Tess Holliday Draws Mixed Reactions

Responses range from ”not healthy“ to ”proud and happy“

Body-positivity activist and author Tess Holliday was featured on the front of Self magazine’s first digital cover.

The image — Holliday posing in a backless pink dress — was met with some harsh criticism on social media.

However, others praised both her cover and profile, written by contributor Ashley C. Ford.

Holliday’s profile was featured as part of the magazine’s Weight Issue, a collection of short stories centered on discussions of weight and health. In a letter that served as a prologue to the stories, editor in chief Carolyn Kylstra wrote, “We chose to feature [Holliday] and give her a platform because she has insightful things to say about thriving in a world that devalues bodies of size.”

In the piece, Holliday touches on topics ranging from post-partum depression following the birth of her second child to concern-trolling, and explains how she deals with the latter.

“I just refuse to go down that road, and to feel like I need to prove my health and my worth to people that don’t care.”