John McCain Calls Russia ‘A Gas Station Run by a Mafia That Is Masquerading as a Country’ (Video)

The senator was recently officially sanctioned by Vladimir Putin, drawing jealousy from his fellow politicians

Sen. John McCain is no fan of Vladimir Putin, and based on the recent sanctioning of the senator by the Russian president, the feeling is mutual.

“He sanctioned me, which means no spring break in Siberia,” McCain joked to Seth Meyers during Monday’s “Late Night.”

McCain went on to call Russia: “A gas station run by a mafia that is masquerading as a country.”

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The United States needs to combat that with strength, the senator argued. “He’s got his thugs in Eastern Ukraine and they beat up people,” McCain said. “Now the question is can the new government survive?”

McCain told Meyers that we should be giving the uprising weapons, money and European Union status to help defend themselves against Putin.

Watch the video: