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Sen. Orrin Hatch Has Perfect Response After He’s Called Out for Removing Imaginary Glasses

“Oh you mean his invisible glasses from Warby Parker?”

On Tuesday Utah Senator Orrin Hatch removed a pair of glasses that he wasn’t wearing. The moment took place during a hearing with Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen.

As the footage ripped across the internet, the senator’s campaign office, known for its snark, responded on Twitter, joking that the octogenarian who has spent more than four decades in the Senate was just too chic for the rest of us.

“Oh you mean his invisible glasses from Warby Parker?,” said his official office account. “They’re new, you’ve probably never heard of them.”

For the record — Warby doesn’t make invisible glasses. The closest they’ve come was a pair deigned with the help of aid organization “Invisible Children” back in 2011.

Hatch’s office didn’t stop there, liking various replies to the video and offering additional clarification to the peanut gallery.

“The Senator forgot his glasses this morning,” they said.

Observers, however, couldn’t resist taking the moment for a ride. One initial tweet about the incident racked up thousands of retweets.