Sergio Dipp’s ‘Monday Night Football’ Debut Disaster Torched on Twitter (Video)

ESPN sideline reporter “Sergio Dipp is basically me at a bar when I try speaking to women,” one user tweets

Sergio Dipp on ESPN's 'Monday Night Football
Sergio Dipp on ESPN's 'Monday Night Football

Sergio Dipp had a night to forget in Monday, which unfortunately is not something the internet is particularly prone to doing.

The new ESPN “Monday Night Football” sideline reporter gave viewers a really rough check-in during the late game last night, which drew plenty of jokes, memes, and eventual support from social media. Before we get to those, however you HAVE to watch the cringe-inducing report in question as Dipp introduces new Broncos coach Vance Joseph.

Try to get through the whole thing here:

Looks like nerves got to the newbie.

The big stage and English-language reporting may have been an issue, but Dipp knows the game — he covers the NFL out of Mexico City for ESPN Deportes. Dipp later addressed the moment from his hotel room, asking for another chance. Between ESPN’s high opinion of the 29-year-old and the internet’s new obsession with him, that will be a given.

Still, watch Dipp’s all-class plea here — and try not to feel like too much of a jerk over your jokes from last night:

As for the rest of Twitter, well, here are some other users’ hot takes: