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‘Sesame Street’ Takes on ‘Despacito’ With Rubber Duckie Cover ‘El Patito’ (Video)

Ernie throws in a little Spanish while Bert remains annoyed, as usual

“Sesame Street” continues its streak of family-friendly, on- point pop culture parodies with the new song “El Patito,” which is a cover of the popular “Despacito” and, in typical “Sesame Street” fashion, is “Spanish for rubber duckie.”

The video isn’t an exact re-creation of the music video but it does pay homage with shots of a beach. The tune is a hybrid Spanish/English track about how much Ernie loves his rubber duckie. He doesn’t sing about anything else, really.

While the song is mostly in English, Ernie does throw in a little Spanish about his rubber duckie.

“Oh, el patito, es mi favorito/Donde quiera que vaya hace su sonido/El patito es tu buen amigo/El patito,” Ernie declares in the song.

At first his partner Bert is annoyed by the song, saying “Oh no, not this song again” (which we can understand). However, by the end he admits the song is catchy and continues to sing long after Ernie is done.

The original music video by Luis Fonsi and featuring Daddy Yankee recently became the most-watched video on YouTube, and the first to hit 3 billion views. This version doesn’t include Justin Bieber, who is on the immensely popular remix track, which has been the No. 1 song in America on the Billboard Top 100 chart for 15 weeks. It’s also  on track to break the record for the single that’s spent the longest at the top of the charts.

Watch the full clip above.