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‘Sesame Street’ Takes on Healthy Snacking With ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Parody (Video)

It’s eerily similar to the Netflix show

What do kids love? Snacks, “Sesame Street” and “Orange is the New Black,” of course.

“Sesame Street” has put out a number of parodies based on adult shows and films over the past few years, and the latest to get the treatment is the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” complete with a re-creation of the opening credits and characters lifted straight off the series.

Of course, the children’s show staple had to make a few changes. “Orange” takes place in a women’s prison, so instead the “Sesame Street” skit takes place in a school. Instead of being a creepy prison guard — and having the name “Pornstache” — their teacher is named Mr. Mustache. Instead of “Crazy Eyes” it’s “Googly Eyes.”

Also instead of it being “Orange is the New Black” it’s “Orange is the New Snack” and it depicts how the students and faculty of Litchfield Academy learn how great oranges are as a snack. New student Piper Snackman (instead of Piper Chapman) brings oranges to school and during snack time — when the rest of the students are eating cookies — she brings out her fruit.

This upsets and rattles some of the other students, including Morella, who like in the show is obsessed with her boyfriend Christopher and Googly Eyes, who thinks it’s a ball. Russian snack monitor Red is also upset since that means students won’t eat her cookies. For her troubles, Mr. Mustache throws Piper into the SHU. Normally this means solitary confinement but in a “Sesame Street” parody that means a literal shoe.

Watch the full video above and try not to get confused when the new season of “Orange is the New Black” premieres on Netflix this Friday.

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