Seth MacFarlane: Hollywood Hates Donald Trump Because He’s So Hollywood

“We don’t want America to be conned the way many of us have ourselves,” writes the “Family Guy” creator

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“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane says what Hollywood hates most about President-elect Donald Trump is that he’s so… Hollywood.

MacFarlane tweeted a message saying the former “Apprentice” star reminds many in the entertainment industry of exactly the kind of people they work with everyday.

“His tactics are those employed by the shiftiest of agents, lawyers, and publicists,” MacFarlane wrote. “We’ve learned to recognize the blustery showmanship of a lying con man because we encounter it every day in our business. We’ve learned to smell it, because it’s bitten so many of us in the ass.”

The “Family Guy” creator goes on to say that most people in Hollywood don’t want America to suffer the way they have.

“Most of us love America a hell of a lot, and we don’t want America to be conned the way many of us have ourselves,” he wrote.

MacFarlane also said Trump is of Hollywood — and not the people.

Trump’s Hollywood connections run deep. In addition to starring on his own show, he has been cast in more than ten films and been nominated for two Emmy Awards.

His pick for secretary of the Treasury Department, Steven Mnuchin, executive produced films including “Suicide Squad” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

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