Seth MacFarlane Imagines Charlie Sheen’s Obituary (Video)

Based on these zingers from "The Family Guy" maestro, the upcoming Comedy Central Roast looks spectacularly nasty

Seth MacFarlane took off the gloves during"The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen" last weekend and unleashed some spectacularly nasty zingers at the actor's expense. 

The comic pile on of the troubled "Two and a Half Men" star doesn't air until next Monday at 10:00 p.m. To stoke interest the network has been teasing viewers with some of the best bits from the toxic mock fest. 

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In this clip, MacFarlane tries his hand at drafting Sheen's obituary, speculating that the drug snorting, prostitute loving actor's final appreciations will bear a resemblance to those for the late singer Amy Winehouse. 

The "Family Guy" maestro notes that one of the few things that would need to be changed from the obituaries for the drug addled pop singer would be the line that Sheen was "a talent that will be missed."


Video below: