Watch Seth MacFarlane Nerd-Out in ‘Star Trek’ Fan Film as a Teen (Video)

“The Orville” creator shows off his early acting chops as Captain James T. Kirk

Seth MacFarlane made a “Star Trek” fan film when he was a teenager… and that might be all we need to say about that, but we’ll go on.

The fan fic video a teenaged MacFarlane made in tribute to the Enterprise recently resurfaced online, with the comedian starring as Captain James T. Kirk. And you might want to step aside, William Shatner, cause “The Orville” star is taking his leadership role very seriously.

Sadly, the clip, posted by TrekGenius News, doesn’t look like a complete version of MacFarlane’s nerdy endeavor, leaving us hanging with Spock and Uhura (played by MacFarlane’s friends) stuck on the ship, outside the realms of time and space. However, it was enough for users to estimate MacFarlane was around 14 or 15 when the video was made.

Luckily, we know MacFarlane has had many more chances to boldly go where he had clearly gone before, with “Star Trek” spoofs on “Family Guy” and space adventures in his new “Star Trek”-esque Fox comedy series.

Watch the video above.