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Seth MacFarlane’s Oscars Promos: Drinking, Tweeting and Daniel Day-Lewis-ing (Video)

"Family Guy" boss Seth MacFarlane cracks wise in promos for his upcoming Oscars hosting gig

Fresh from Thursday morning's announcement of this year's Oscars nominees, a group of new promos featuring Oscars host Seth MacFarlane have hit the web and the airwaves.

As might be expected from the "Family Guy" and "American Dad" honcho, the clips are a touch edgy. In one promo, MacFarlane tells the camera that he was warned not to drink on television — before slipping out of frame, cocktail pressed to his lips. Another spot has MacFarlane encouraging viewers to tweet about the Oscars — after which, he checks Twitter and laments, "That's not how you spell 'douche.'"

Yet another promo depicts MacFarlane telling viewers that the person they see on screen isn't, in fact, him, but "Lincoln" star Daniel Day-Lewis — because "I'm just that good."

The Oscars air Feb. 24 on ABC.

Do the new promos bode well for MacFarlane's hosting performance? Share your thoughts in the comments section.