Seth Meyers’ 8G Band Offers Donald Trump a Campaign Song He Actually Can Use (Video)

“Apprentice” star will probably stick with the unauthorized Neil Young tunes

Last Updated: June 19, 2015 @ 10:55 AM

Neil Young may not want Donald Trump to use his tunes to campaign, but Seth Meyers and the 8G Band sure do — for a price, of course.

The “Late Night” five-piece wrote and performed an original song for Trump on Thursday, and are eagerly awaiting a response from the billionaire/reality host/(faux) politician. Don’t hold your breath, guys.

The chorus of the original ditty goes like this: “His name is Donald (Like the Duck!)/Donald Trump/and he doesn’t give a fuck!”

Other lyrics include: “He won’t get pushed around by the Chinese/He’s gonna bring ISIS to their knees,” and, “He looks kind of orange like he’s always sunning/and it’s just for attention, he’s not really running.”

“You can say he’s a jerk but his plan is working,” the 8G Band concludes over a montage of news programs discussing Trump’s campaign launch.

Watch the video above.