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Seth Meyers’ 8G Band Offers Donald Trump a Campaign Song He Actually Can Use (Video)

”Apprentice“ star will probably stick with the unauthorized Neil Young tunes

Neil Young may not want Donald Trump to use his tunes to campaign, but Seth Meyers and the 8G Band sure do — for a price, of course.

The “Late Night” five-piece wrote and performed an original song for Trump on Thursday, and are eagerly awaiting a response from the billionaire/reality host/(faux) politician. Don’t hold your breath, guys.

The chorus of the original ditty goes like this: “His name is Donald (Like the Duck!)/Donald Trump/and he doesn’t give a fuck!”

Other lyrics include: “He won’t get pushed around by the Chinese/He’s gonna bring ISIS to their knees,” and, “He looks kind of orange like he’s always sunning/and it’s just for attention, he’s not really running.”

“You can say he’s a jerk but his plan is working,” the 8G Band concludes over a montage of news programs discussing Trump’s campaign launch.

Watch the video above.

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