Seth Meyers and Rihanna Get Sloppy Drunk From Day Drinking (Video)

And then she gives him a “summer eye”

Last Updated: June 21, 2019 @ 7:51 AM

It’s 5 o’clock … somewhere. On Thursday’s “Late Night,” Seth Meyers and Rihanna did a little day drinking. OK, so they did a lot of day drinking, to the point of being pretty day drunk.

At first, Meyers made ridiculous — and disgusting — drinks in tribute to popular Rihanna songs. They then played a few drinking games before Meyers decided to try his own game on Rihanna.

The former “Saturday Night Live” head writer had Rihanna post up at the bar. He would approach her with pick-up lines and she was instructed to ring a bell when one was particularly whack. You can probably see where this is headed.

“Excuse me, are you the girl from ‘Battleship’?” was one of his worse pick-up lines.

“Jesus,” she replied. “OK. That’s where I leave. I’m out.”

Rihanna walked away and Seth rang his own bell on that one.

Later, out of the bar, an intoxicated Meyers asks a drunk Rihanna to give him a “summer eye.” Tis the season, we suppose.

Meyers ended up looking a little bit like The Ultimate Warrior, or the characters in James Cameron’s hit movie “Unicorn,” per Rihanna. (The movie she was trying to come up with was “Avatar.”)

Watch the video above.


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