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Seth Meyers’ Best Jokes From NBC’s Upfront Poke Fun at ‘Game of Thrones,’ Lack of Streaming Service Name

Upfronts 2019: Late-night host says his annual upfront set is ”one of the network’s longest running shows“

For the fourth year in a row, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers skewered NBC at the company’s upfront presentation on Monday morning, noting how his now-annual set has become one of the network’s longest-running shows.

“I realize how few network shows even get a second season and I started feeling pretty good,” he told the advertisers in attendance at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. “If you think about it, ‘Seth Meyers at Upfronts’ is one of the longest running shows at NBC.”

See Meyers’ best jokes from his monologue below:

On That Upcoming Ending to Some HBO Show

“I heard next week HBO is airing their last ‘Game of Thrones.’ We should pick that up. I mean I can’t believe they canceled it, I think that show is very popular. I haven’t seen last night’s episode. I definitely feel like you could get a few more seasons out of the Cersei and Jaime relationship. Although ‘Game of Thrones’ would be tough with a network censor. I mean, once you cut out all the sex and violence, every episode would just be 11 minutes of people staring out over the sides of boats.”

(For more on Sunday night’s penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones” click here).

NBCU’s Still-Unnamed Upcoming Streaming Service

“It’s time to come up with a name for the streaming service. This is like when people still haven’t named their kid two weeks after it was born… What’s taking you so long? It’s going to be something like NBC+ or NBC Gold right? We’re not going to call it something crazy like Apollo Sword or Hulu.”

Why “Mr. Robot” Star Rami Malek Still Has to Show Despite His Oscar Win

Meyers also wondered how “Mr. Robot” star Rami Malek, fresh off his Oscar win for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” still had to show up. “He still couldn’t get out of coming to upfronts. I mean what’s it going to take? If I ever won an Oscar the first thing I would think is ‘I think this means I don’t have to go to upfronts.’ But such a well-deserved Oscar. That guy is a great actor. I mean, how about when he came out here and said ‘It’s great to be here.’ So believable.”

What Upfronts Were Like ‘Cheers’ Was On TV?

What were upfronts like when cheers was on? And the only way to watch TV shows were on TV the night their aired. We’re upfronts like 10 min long? Yea, we have ‘Cheers’ and 20 million people are going to watch it, and they’re going to watch all the commercials as well. We’re just going make some room on stage and you can just throw up sacks of cash. They never had to talk about Live-plus-7 for ‘Cheers.’ Live-plus-7 for ‘Cheers’ was everyone who watched it live, plus the seven weirdos who recorded it on their VCR.”

A (Fake) New “Chicago”-“This Is Us” Crossover

“It’s called ‘So Dis Is Us Den.’ The grill exploded and now Dad’s dead.. Dis is Us!”

Kathie Lee Gifford Leaving ‘Today Show’

“She’s the first person ever to leave the ‘Today Show’ willingly. The motto of the ‘Today Show’ used to be: ‘The Today Show,’ Security Will Show You Out.'”

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