Seth Meyers Jokes He ‘Only Knew How to Get Married’ Because of His Marriage to Bill Hader’s Stefon: ‘He Was My Dry Run’ | Video

The two got “married” as part of Hader’s final “SNL” episode in 2013

Seth Meyers has been married to his wife for more than a decade now but, according to the “Late Night” host, he was only able to marry her because he was married once before — to Bill Hader’s beloved Stefon character from “Saturday Night Live.”

During Monday night’s episode of the NBC talk show, actress Beanie Feldstein stopped by, in support of her new movie “Drive-Away Dolls,” and on her way to the couch, placed a small Hershey’s kiss in front of the Stefon doll that resides on Meyers’ desk. According to Feldstein, she wanted Stefon to be her Valentine.

“Stefon means everything to me, and my aunt actually got me that bobblehead,” Feldstein explained. “It’s special. But I was thinking about who I wanted to be my valentine, other than my wife, because it’s like, who do you really love in a very, like, emotional way? Stefon.”

Meyers had no trouble believing that, considering he “married” the man himself, also 10 years ago (Meyers’ wedding to the “SNL” character happened just months before his real-life marriage to his actual wife).

“Look, I know him as well. I only knew how to get married ’cause I married him first,” Meyers joked. “He was my dry run.”

For those who don’t remember, Meyers and Stefon got married as part of Bill Hader’s final “Saturday Night Live” episode back in 2013. You can relive that moment in the video below.

You can watch Seth Meyers and Beanie Feldstein discuss Stefon and more in the video at the top of this story.


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