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Seth Meyers Calls Trump’s Immediate Removal the ‘Only Way Our Democracy Is Going to Survive’ (Video)

”Late Night“ host also blasted GOP senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley for ”goading“ Capitol mob

Seth Meyers joined fellow late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel in blasting President Trump for inciting deadly violence in the Capitol building on Wednesday. Meyers took things one step further, calling for Trump’s immediate removal from office.

“The only way our democracy is going to survive this harrowing moment is if he’s immediately removed from office by either the cabinet or the Congress and prosecuted,” Meyers said during his live monologue. Anything less is tacit permission to continue to use his office, and his influence after he leaves office, to foment sedition and dismantle democracy.”

Meyers explained how Trump, his supporters in the GOP and right-wing media outlets like Fox News have “fed their rabid base a steady diet of unhinged fantasies and conspiracy theories as a substitute for leadership and governance.”

“We should be shocked, but we can’t be surprised,” the “Late Night” host said in his live monologue. “The president wanted this, he directed it, supported it, he incited it, and encouraged it. He told that same crowd just hours earlier that they should never concede; that they should show strength and fight.”

Meyers also called out senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley for “goading” the Capitol mob. “They’re responsible for this,” Meyers said. “They should wear this shame and disgrace for the rest of their lives. No one who aided and abetted today’s actions should ever be allowed to serve in a democracy they so clearly detest.”

Numerous lawmakers have called for Trump’s removal from office, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, who on Wednesday announced articles of impeachment against Trump.

Watch Seth Meyers’ monologue, above.