Seth Meyers Is Baffled by Conservative Anger With Taylor Swift: ‘She’s Dating a Guy Named F–ing Travis! How Can You Be Mad?!’ | Video

“Seriously, this is, like, such an innocent all-American thing,” the NBC host says

Seth Meyers is among the many who are baffled by conservative outrage over Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce, mostly just because, at one point, the circumstances of this particular relationship would’ve thrilled Republicans. Even the pair’s individual names are “all-American” the NBC host argued.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Wednesday night, Meyers dragged the “braindead jerks” who have spun conspiracy theories around Swift and Kelce, particularly ones who have claimed the relationship between the two — and even Swift’s own mega-popularity — has been “manufactured” by Democrats.

“Allow me to quote a Taylor Swift lyric when I say: you people are out of your f—ing minds,” Meyers said. “I’m just kidding. That’s not a Taylor Swift lyric, it’s Seth’s version! Seriously, what is wrong with you?”

He continued, “This is how much the Republican party has changed; there was a time when a famous singer dating a football player, and spending quality time with his family would have been their dream.”

The late night host then reminded viewers that both Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford played football themselves, and were beloved by the party. Meyers also reminded people that Swift’s last boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, was British, meaning America “almost lost” her “to the Brits!”

“You should be throwing her a parade!” Meyers said. “Also, she’s dating a guy named f—ing Travis! How can you be mad about a Taylor and a Travis?! I don’t even know who you are anymore Republicans. Seriously, this is, like, such an innocent all-American thing.”

He added, “They’re kissing on the field after he wins the big game, and she’s celebrating with his mom and dancing along with fans, how can you be mad at that?”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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