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Seth Meyers Dares Sony Hackers to Come After Him and NBC (Video)

As ”Late Night“ host speaks, a disclaimer comes on the screen: ”We here at NBC do not endorse the views of Seth Meyers“

Seth Meyers sided with critics who’ve said Sony bowed down to the demands of terrorists when it canceled the release of “The Interview” during Thursday night’s episode of “Late Night.”

In a new segment he called “Bring It On!” Meyers talked directly to the hackers about how they must be patting themselves on the back that their activities led to the demise of the James Franco-Seth Rogen film about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The true bit was all about NBC absolutely not standing behind its late-night host even as Meyers told the hackers, “We here at NBC would love to see you try that with us.”

A graphic on the screen read, “Please do not try that with us.”

When he challenged the hackers to break into his personal email account, though, the network was all for it, even giving his password out.

When Meyers talked about how he’d worked at NBC for 13 years, the pop-up graphic read, “We barely know this man.”

It quickly turned from the network distancing itself from Meyers’ tirade into the network simply making fun of him. As he called out North Korea and the hackers, the text boxes called him an idiot, vain and even put a graphic of Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle on him.

And, as if to prove it really was the network — which it clearly wasn’t — when Meyers said the word “voice,” a graphic for the return of NBC’s singing competition popped up on the screen. Any chance to promote the network’s programming, after all.

Watch the full segment here.

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