Trump Is a ‘Pariah,’ but His Latest Business Ploy Is ‘More Pathetic Than Anyone Could Have Possibly Imagined,’ Meyers Says (Video)

“I bet Lincoln is really f—ing jealous!” the “Late Night” host joked, going in on the former president’s newly launched NFT shop

Seth Meyers joined the pile-on of former president Donald Trump Thursday night, responding to the surprising announcement that Trump is launching an NFT shop of digital trading cards featuring animated heroes in his likeness.

On the heels of a “major announcement” Trump teased on TruthSocial Wednesday, Meyers bemoaned, “When Trump finally posted his major announcement today, it turned out to be so much more pathetic than anyone could’ve possibly imagined.”

The “Late Night” host began by setting the scene, saying that Trump “has been bizarrely quiet” over the last few weeks since announcing his presidential bid for 2024.

“But then yesterday, he posted an image of himself in a Superman-style costume with laser eyes and the text, ‘America needs a superhero. I’ll be making a major announcement tomorrow,’” Meyers recounted. “Now, this led to wild speculation about what he’s gonna do. Maybe it had something to do with his presidential bid or the mounting legal woes he’s facing. Or maybe he was about to unveil a chintzy knockoff superhero doll your grandmother would buy at the dollar store for Christmas.”

That’s when the host expressed his shock and disappointment about what this “major announcement” actually was, sarcastically adding, “That is very exciting! I bet Lincoln is super f—ing jealous he didn’t think of that!”

And in response to Trump claiming in his launch video that these digital trading cards – featuring Trump dressed as an astronaut, a golfer, a fighter pilot and more – would make a great Christmas present, Meyers balked.

“No it doesn’t,” the host said. “I don’t care if you’re the biggest Trump fan in the world. If on Christmas morning you give your spouse a thoughtful gift in a beautifully wrapped box with a bow on it that they get to open and physically hold in their hands, and then they turn around and tell you, ‘Your gift is in here! It’s a digital trading card of Donald Trump as a sunglass astronaut!’ you’re getting a divorce.”

Watch the full segment, which also tackles Trump’s mounting legal woes, in the video above.