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Seth Meyers Calls Donald Trump the ‘Kramer of International Diplomacy’ (Video)

It’s a particularly astute ”Closer Look“

Seth Meyers just took “A Closer Look” at Donald Trump’s recent trip to Europe, when the President of the United States probably didn’t raise our global Q Score.

“Whenever Trump goes abroad it’s like seeing all of the worst habits of American tourists rolled into one person,” Meyers said. “The only thing he didn’t do was show up to The Louvre in sandals and Mickey ears holding a McFlurry.”

It’s true, Trump didn’t embarrass himself with Disney headwear, but there was that weird Winston Churchill hat thing during a Piers Morgan interview.

“He looked like Dick Tracy without the ‘Tracy,'” Meyers quipped.

Yeah, he was just calling Trump a dick.

Trump then backed that opinion up with a pretty big gaffe to the Irish prime minister.

“Seriously, this guy is unbelievable,” Meyers said of that particularly awkward conversation. “These countries are in the middle of an extremely delicate diplomatic situation involving a landmark peace accord that ended decades of sectarian conflict, and Trump just bursts in and immediately says the wrong thing. He’s the Kramer of international diplomacy.”

A bit later, Meyers came to the defense of Trump political foe Nancy Pelosi.

“You call her ‘Nervous Nancy’?” Meyers said. “You sweat like a high school sophomore who crapped his pants in math class and just got called to the chalkboard.”

Watch the video above.