Seth Meyers Stunned at Fox Praising Bernie Sanders: ‘Somewhere in Australia, Rupert Murdoch Is Angrily Snapping a Didgeridoo’

“‘You think you’re feeling the burn now, wait ’til I throw you on the barbie!'” the NBC host mimics in his Murdoch impression

A Fox Business guest heartily agreed with Senator Bernie Sanders this week, and “Late Night” host Seth Meyers is pretty sure it won’t be sitting too well with Fox News chief Rupert Murdoch.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Wednesday night, the NBC host broke down Donald Trump’s economic policies, and reiterated that many ideas the convicted felon is against are actually popular among voters. For example, cracking down on price gouging of necessary drugs.

Meyers noted that Bernie Sanders has suggested doing exactly that, and marveled at the fact that the idea even got support on Fox Business.

Indeed, Aquinas Wealth Advisors President Chris McMahon appeared on the network on Tuesday, and as the cohosts broke down the cost disparities of multiple popular drugs between the U.S. and other countries, McMahon praised Sanders.

“I’m gonna say this, this will be maybe the first time: Bernie Sanders may be right,” he said. Shortly thereafter, he added, “On this one I’m saying, go Bernie. I’m feeling the Bern on this one.”

“Somewhere in Australia, Rupert Murdoch is angrily snapping a didgeridoo in half,” Meyers joked when the clip ended. “‘You think you’re feeling the burn now, wait ’til I throw you on the barbie!’”

Of course, Meyers said that last bit in his very thick, over-exaggerated Australian accent, which he has decided is how Murdoch talks. But, he quickly returned to his overall point.

“That’s Fox Business rooting for Bernie Sanders! It would be super funny if this encouraged Bernie to start talking about petty rich people concerns, just to get more positive coverage from Fox Business,” Meyers said. “He should do it just to troll them.”

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