Meyers Mocks Jim Jordan for Appearing on Fox News 565 Times: ‘I Don’t Even Think I’ve Appeared on THIS Show’ That Much (Video)

The NBC host likens Jordan to “an auctioneer with a head injury, just repeating all the unhinged buzzwords you hear on Fox News”

Rep. Jim Jordan has apparently appeared on Fox News a lot over the last six years or so — almost 600 times, to be exact. In fact, Seth Meyers is pretty sure he hasn’t even appeared on his own NBC late night show that many times in the same timeframe.

Jordan was at the core of Meyers’s “A Closer Look” segment on Monday night, after receiving an endorsement to become House Speaker from Donald Trump. Meyers wasn’t surprised by this, reminding viewers that Jordan is “the guy who would routinely show up to hearings in the House that were supposed to be investigating the Trump administration, but would instead talk really fast and say incoherent bulls—.”

Meyers likened Jordan to “an auctioneer with a head injury, just repeating all the unhinged buzzwords you hear on Fox News, without any of the content.” Of course, Meyers noted that it “makes sense” that Jordan would latch onto those talking points, given his presence on the network.

According to MediaMatters, a not-for-profit website “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media,” Jordan has been interviewed on Fox News more than any other sitting member of Congress since 2017 — at least 565 times, to be specific.

“565 times? I don’t even think I’ve appeared on this show 565 times since 2017,” Meyers joked. “In fairness, we did have that stretch where I was replaced by a guest host. Who was that, again?”

At that, a graphic popped up that showed Jordan himself behind the desk, with the show rebranded to “Late Night with Jim Jordan.”

“Oh, damn it!” Meyers yelled. “He’s everywhere! On the bright side, it only took him 90 seconds to get through ‘A Closer Look.’”

You can watch Meyers’s full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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