‘Late Night’ Writers Hold ‘Baby Intervention’ for Boss Seth Meyers (Video)

The gang just can’t compete with NBC host’s newborn

Seth Meyers and his lovely wife recently welcomed a baby boy, and everybody is over the moon for them — except the entire “Late Night” writing staff.

In a pre-taped sketch airing Tuesday, the group stages a “Baby Intervention” for their boss. Meyers as a new dad has presented “a major problem” that is “really affecting” his staff’s work, they said.

The gang feels like sometimes Seth loves his baby more than he does those in his own writers’ room. He corrects their point: “It should feel that way all the time.”

One of his monologue scribes was particularly bummed that the same evening the Meyers’ family welcomed their first child, he had gotten a haircut that went unnoticed the following day. Another demanded that Seth stop seeing his own baby.

“I’m not gonna stop seeing my newborn son,” Meyers replied.

In the end, it was all patched up — but the journey and jokes are worth watching the video above.