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Seth Meyers Reviews All the New Streaming Services – and Amazon Prime (Video)

”Late Night“ host says Apple TV+ and Disney+ are cool, but not as cool as popping a wheelie at 12 years old

With Apple TV+ and Disney+ recently launching — along with several other streaming services debuting next year — it’s getting tougher to decide which services to spend your money on. That’s where Seth Meyers comes in handy.

The “Late Night” host ran through several of the new services early on Thursday morning, letting his fans know which ones are actually worthwhile. But instead of a simple thumbs up, thumbs down rating system, or grading each service with between 1 and 5 stars, Meyers went a different route: comparing each service to “the thrill of learning to pop a wheelie on a bike when you’re 12 years old.”

You can watch the clip above, or check out his answers below.

Apple TV+: Not as thrilling as popping a wheelie.

Disney+: Also not as thrilling as popping a wheelie.

HBO Max: With shows like “The Sopranos” and “Sex in the City,” it’s slightly better than popping a wheelie, but not as a good as “chucking a basketball totally at random from across the gym and making that basket.”

Amazon Prime Video: At $9 per month, it’s a solid deal, but is it better than “that time that one kid in the Mr. T sweatshirt did a flying kick in the parking lot and dented a teacher’s car”? No, definitely not.

That’s your comprehensive “Late Night” streaming review in a nutshell.

Disney+, while we’re on the topic, pushed to 10 million sign-ups in its first 24 hours earlier this week, the company shared on Wednesday morning — despite hitting some technical snags.