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Seth Meyers Mocks Chris Matthews’ ‘Senile Grandpa’ Rants About Bernie Sanders (Video)

MSNBC’s Matthews apologized Monday for comparing Sanders’ Nevada caucus lead to the Nazi invasion of France

Last Updated: February 25, 2020 @ 6:09 AM

Chris Matthews has been widely criticized for his intemperate ranting after Bernie Sanders Nevada caucus win, and on Monday he was even clowned by one of his co-workers, Seth Meyers, who likened Matthews to “your senile grandpa screaming into the phone on FaceTime.”

On Sunday, shortly before Sanders was declared essentially the winner of the Nevada caucus, Matthews appeared to lose his temper at the thought that the Vermont senator was the apparent Democrat frontrunner, and compared it Nazi Germany’s invasion of France in 1940.

“I was reading last night about the fall of France in the summer of 1940, and the general, Renault, calls up Churchill and says, ‘It’s over.’ And Churchill says ‘How can it be? You’ve got the greatest army in Europe. How can it be over?’ He said, ‘It’s over,'” Matthews said at the time. “So I had that suppressed feeling.”

After a full day being roundly criticized and mocked for these comments, the “Hardball” host apologized to Sanders and congratulated him. But, it seems, not before Monday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers” taped.

“As a general rule, any time a man of Matthews’ age starts a sentence with ‘I was reading last night about the fall of France in 1940,’ that’s your cue to exit the conversation,” Meyers joked. “He’s like your senile grandpa screaming into the phone on FaceTime.

Meyers continued, saying that “somehow, this isn’t even the most insane thing that Matthews has said about Bernie,” noting that after the New Hampshire primary, Matthews said that he is afraid policies like those Sanders espouses would lead to people like him being publicly executed.

There’s more, including a discussion of other pundits freaking out about Sanders. Watch it above.