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Seth Meyers Mocks Trump in Star Wars Day Clip: ‘A New Dope’ (Video)

”Trump Administration rules with an iron, baby-sized fist“

In honor of Star Wars Day, Seth Meyers had his “Late Night” animators produce their own version of the film franchise’s famed crawl, “A New Dope,” taking aim at late-night’s favorite punching bag: President Donald Trump.

“It is a dark time for the Republic. The galaxy is in chaos. The Trump Administration rules with an iron, baby-sized fist, from a wretched hive of scum and villainy: The White House,” the crawl begins.

Some of the highlights include references to EPA director Scott Pruitt as Trump’s “dastardly henchman” who “evades justice in a very nice plane,” Vice President Mike Pence as “Grand Moff Pence” who “patrols the outer rim for women to avoid” and calls Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen his “dumbest and most trusted lieutenant.”

For the good guys, “Jedi Master” Robert Mueller and his band of Resistance fighters “searches the galaxy for a secret but definitely real tape” (we don’t have to say which one they’re referring to).

Watch the full opening crawl above.