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Seth Meyers Offers Ultimate ‘Oscar Bait’ Film of the Season (Video)

As Stefon might say, this movie’s got everything…

One of Seth Meyers’ most recent movie-acting roles was 2011’s “New Year’s Eve,” so go figure that he would provide us with an Oscar-worthy film.

Of course, “Late Night’s” (fake) “Oscar Bait” is actually terrible, but that’s the point. The trailer Meyers released on Tuesday has all the trappings of an Academy Awards frontrunner: There’s tons of crying, a rare disease, racial tension, and a man staring at trains, among a slew of other cheap Hollywood tropes.

Just wait until you see the self-congratulatory director shots — they’re all here.

“There’s your Oscar right there, motherf—er,” a voiceover reads after a particularly corny solitaire scene.

Oh, and the whole thing introduces a child actor with three names, so you can lock up the statuette, and pretty much assume the kid himself will be locked up in about a decade.

Watch the video above, and watch out “La La Land.” We would totally check out this movie (on cable).

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