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Seth Meyers Picks Apart Donald Trump False Claims (Video)

“Late Night” host rips into GOP candidate’s assertion he saw Muslims cheer on 9/11, black-on-white crime statistics

Seth Meyers got serious on Tuesday night when he tore into a series of falsehoods being perpetuated by GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Meyers took issue with Trump spreading the widely-debunked story that American Muslims were seen cheering in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

In video from a campaign rally, Trump read from a Washington Post article that stated a number of Americans were detained in the wake of the terrorist attack for supposedly celebrating. But Meyers then read statements from the two reporters who wrote the article who both said that they could never verify the reports.

Yet when Trump was confronted by multiple reporters refuting the story, Trump said he remembers seeing it firsthand because he has “the world’s best memory.”

Meyers then went after Trump for retweeting a graphic that claimed 81 percent of white people murdered in the U.S. are killed by black people. Citing FBI reports that put that number around 15 percent, Meyers concluded by pointing out that the source for Trump’s information was the nonexistent Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco.

“What’s scary is Trump has crossed the threshold from fun wildcard candidate who said crazy things and made debates watchable to someone who is spreading dangerous rhetoric,” Meyers said.

Watch the video.