Meyers Says if ‘Red Tsunami’ Was Actually Expected ‘Ted Cruz Would’ve Been on the First Flight to Cancun’ (Video)

“‘Red waves are great, but I prefer the blue waves outside the Cancun Ritz-Carlton,'” Meyers mocked, impersonating the senator

Like most of the late night hosts on Wednesday, Seth Meyers took great joy in pointing out that the “red wave” that many predicted for the midterm elections didn’t actually come to pass. That said, Meyers noted that we probably should’ve expected that, considering Ted Cruz stayed in the country.

As part of his “A Closer Look” segment for the night, Meyers pulled up the many, many clips of pundits and journalists and experts who predicted that the night would be a “red wave,” or a “blue wipeout.” That included Texas senator Ted Cruz, who took it one further and said, “We’re not just gonna see a red wave, we’re gonna see a red tsunami.”

Meyers had to add a caveat to that particular clip though, considering who was saying it.

“Now that last one was a bit of a giveaway,” Meyers joked. “Because if there was truly a tsunami coming, we all know Ted Cruz would’ve been on the first flight to Cancun. ‘Red waves are great, but I prefer the blue waves outside the Cancun Ritz-Carlton.’”

For those who don’t remember, Cruz faced widespread backlash last year, when both The New York Times and Associated Press confirmed that the Texas senator flew to Cancun while Texas battled a deadly winter storm. Cruz later tried to pin the blame for the trip on his daughters.

Of course, Meyers also came up with his fair share of comparisons for what the Republican results of the night actually looked like, honing in on how one journalist asked if “a red wave is coming” similar to the “Game of Thrones” tag “Winter is Coming.”

“I would say it was less like a red wave and more like a red wedding,” Meyers mocked. “The Republicans were the Starks, and Donald Trump was the dragon that burned his whole f—in’ party to a crisp.”

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.