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Seth Meyers Rips Indiana Governor Over ‘Terrible Job’ Defending Anti-LGBT Law (Video)

”No one is better at playing, yes, no, or George than Governor Mike Pence,“ late night host jokes

Seth Meyers ripped Indiana Governor Mike Pence on Monday for doing a “terrible job” defending the state’s controversial anti-LGBT law to the media.

“Governor Pence appeared on ABC’s ‘This Week’ yesterday to clarify the law, and ensure everyone it wasn’t discriminatory, and he did what could only be described as a terrible job,” Meyers said.

The late-night host first spliced up a montage of George Stephanopoulos grilling the embattled politician on the show by focusing on Pence starting multiple answers with: “George.”

“No one is better at playing, yes, no, or George than Governor Mike Pence,” Meyers joked. “Thanks to Pence, Indiana passed a law that on the SAT’s, you can answer true, false, or Linda.”

Meyers then took on defenders of the law who claim Bill Clinton signed a similar law by pointing out Clinton’s law protected Native Americans from being fired if they accepted peyote during their religious ceremonies and didn’t discriminate against LGBT people.

“Remember when Bill Clinton signed the law, gay marriage wasn’t legal,” Meyers said. “In fact, the only people who could imagine legal gay marriage in 1993 were the people taking peyote.”

Watch the video.

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