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Seth Meyers Says the ‘Flu Shot Is for Wieners’ (Video)

Also: Narcs, herbs, noobs, hosers and dickweeds

NBC is poised to save a few bucks on medical insurance this winter, because there’s no way Seth Meyers is getting a flu shot.

The “Late Night” host railed against the influenza inoculation on Tuesday, in a comedy bit that made excellent use of a voiceover, band member Marnie — and a huge tub of Purell.

Meyers began his rant by saying “the flu shot is for wieners,” before being audibly cut off by a voiceover and on-screen scroll. Per the V.O., the shot is also OK for “narcs … herbs, noobs, posers, and dickweeds.”

Also, he’s afraid of needles — so perhaps that plays a role in Seth’s boycott.

Meyers then dropped a few purposefully weak punchlines, like the “Star Wars”-themed “May the fourth be with flu,” and, “I hope this flu video doesn’t go virus.”

Also during the clip, Meyers assured his audience that he has “an A+ butthole.” That remark makes a little more sense in context — a little.

Finally, the video cut back to Meyers on the mic just in time to land one more dig on the virus: “You can’t spell ‘flu’ without ‘F-U,'” he concluded.

Watch the video.