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Seth Meyers Snipes at Sean Hannity and GOP ‘Bulls–‘ After Latest Mass Shootings

”My God, get your priorities straight“

Seth Meyers isn’t here for the right-wing “bulls—.” Not after the latest shootings. On Wednesday’s “Late Show,” the “Saturday Night Live” alum condemned conservative Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity’s story selection in the wake of the recent tragedy in Colorado.

“On Monday, Fox News barely covered the horrific Boulder shootings in primetime,” Meyers said during his “A Closer Look” segment.

“Apparently,” Hannity considered Joe Biden tripping on the stairs of Air Force One “much more important,” Meyers continued. “My God, get your priorities straight.”

Yeah, Seth was fired up last night.

To be fair to “Hannity,” Monday’s show did (eventually) cover the Boulder shooting. Alicia Acuna was live on the scene immediately following a police press conference.

But that was not enough for Meyers.

“You guys repeat the same bulls— line every time we go through this awful ritual, that gun safety advocates are somehow rushing to politicize it,” Meyers said, lumping in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and pretty much the rest of the GOP with that one.

(Did we mention he was fired up?)

In reality, the politicizing happens in the opposite direction, Meyers argued.

Oh yeah, and about that whole right-to-bear-arms thing.

“Let’s dispense with this ridiculous lie that has become canon on the right. That standing up to any sensible gun safety legislation means standing up for the second amendment,” Meyers said. “It’s one of the greatest cons in the history of politics. For most of American history, the idea that the second amendment guarantees an individual right to own whatever gun you want was never even contemplated.”

Meyers referred to the GOP, NRA and Fox News Channel as “callous sociopaths who lose their minds at even the suggestion that maybe we should make it just a little harder to buy a gun in this country.”

If you thought Donald Trump was getting off the hook here, well, just stick it out until the end.

Watch the video above. And if all of that description makes this one sound a little too heavy for you, rest assured there are laughs, like when Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Ben Franklin’s pants.