Seth Meyers’ Staff Creates — and Screws Up — the Greatest Sketch Ever (Video)

But did they actually make the greatest ever sketch by screwing up the greatest ever sketch?!

Get ready to get dizzy with comedy.

Taking from the grand tradition of shows like “SCTV” and, to a lesser extent, “Mr. Show,” the crew at “Late Night with Seth Meyers” dipped their toes into the meta show-within-a-show world on Wednesday night, devoting over five minutes to “The Greatest Sketch Ever.”

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This works in multiple ways.

First, the show-within-the-show was working to mount an incredibly ambitious sketch — the Greatest Ever, in fact — that included a rich old industrialist-type, a chicken, a hick in a box, an astronaut and an elephant, among other seemingly random elements. Of course, in reality, there was never actually a sketch constructed with those characters… except for the sketch about the failure of a sketch built around the hodgepodge of costumed writers.

Five minutes of well-planned interruptions, non-sequitors and nonsense later, Meyers and his staff delivered what they promised: The Greatest Sketch Ever. Or, at least a pretty fun one, anyway.