Meyers Says Trump’s Social Media Accounts Are Now ‘Scavenger Hunts’ for ‘Lethal Dips–ts’: ‘It’s the Dumbvinci Code’ (Video)

“It continues to shock me that these guys continue to be both incredibly dangerous menaces and also complete dips–ts,” the host marveled

Seth Meyers returned after a few weeks off Monday night, and he wasted no time in getting back to mocking twice impeached former president Donald Trump for his latest antics. According to the “Late Night” host, the few social media accounts Trump has left have become “scavenger hunts for insane people” — as well as “lethal dips–ts.”

Meyers’ thoughts came as he was discussing the upcoming elections during his “A Closer Look” segment. Specifically, the host was referring to the reports of voter intimidation happening at ballot drop boxes. In recent weeks, men wearing camouflage outfits and armed with tactical gear have been staking out ballot boxes, in Maricopa County, purportedly in efforts to stop voter fraud in Arizona.

But before he could get into the actual dangers these people pose, Meyers couldn’t help but laugh at their choice of attire.

“First of all, why the f— are you wearing camouflage in a parking lot?” he mocked. “Why do they even sell camouflage in Phoenix? The only thing you can blend in with wearing camouflage in Phoenix is all the other idiots wearing camouflage in Phoenix.”

More seriously, Meyers marveled at the fact that showing up in lawn chairs and trucks while wearing camo and staring down voters is working (though admittedly, the weapons some have had on hand also play a large factor there).

“It continues to shock me that these guys continue to be both incredibly dangerous menaces and also complete dips–ts,” Meyers said. “At the same time, we are living in an era of lethal dips–ts. On the one hand, they’re accomplishing their mission of scaring voters away from drop boxes, but on the other hand, they’re sitting in lawn chairs wearing camouflage, like a dude trying to catch a gopher in his backyard.”

Of course, Meyers wanted there to be “no illusions” about who is inspiring and encouraging these people: Trump. The late night host then pulled up posts from the former president’s Truth Social account, in which he encourages his followers to continue showing up at ballot boxes, even going so far as to give out the actual addresses of where they’re located.

“Do you know how out-of-your-mind obsessed you have to be to even know the address of a ballot drop box?” Meyers mocked. “I don’t even know the exact address of my 6-year-old’s school.”

Meyers went on to joke that really, Trump’s social media presence is just a series of clues for his extremist followers.

“Trump’s social media accounts are like scavenger hunts for insane people,” Meyers joked. “It’s the Dumbvinci Code.”

You can watch the full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.