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Meyers Mocks Tucker Carlson for Cherry-Picking Jan. 6 Footage: There’s ‘Footage From John Wick That Proves He’s Not Violent’ (Video)

”You’re telling me that guy is a trained killer? Give me a break!“ Meyers joked after playing a clip of the hit man and his pup

Tucker Carlson is deploying the exclusive footage he received from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of the January 6 attacks on the Capitol and, as Seth Meyers predicted, Carlson using it to continue lying to his viewers. So, on Tuesday night, the “Late Night” host showed how easy it is to cherry-pick video footage to create a narrative — using John Wick as an example.

On Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson repeated the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, and made multiple false claims related to the Jan. 6 attacks, using selectively edited footage to say that it “does not show an insurrection or a riot in progress.”

“Yeah, OK, but when you cherry-pick the footage you’re showing, you can prove anything you want,” Meyers mocked. “I could show you footage from ‘John Wick’ that proves he’s not violent.”

And then, Meyers did just that, calling up a scene in which Keanu Reeves’ lethal hit man character lovingly attends to his puppy, feeding him dinner, and promising that they’ll pick up some kibble for him later.

“You’re telling me that guy is a trained killer? Give me a break! The footage doesn’t lie,” Meyers joked.

Meyers then made fun of the fact that, shortly after Carlson showed that footage and made more false claims, Trump himself posted to his Truth Social page, calling on the government to “Let the January 6 prisoners go.”

“You guys know we can see what you’re doing, right?” Meyers said. “Kevin McCarthy, who is Trump’s Waylon Smithers, gives all the footage to Tucker; Tucker shows only the tame parts; and then Trump claims the rioters were framed. It’s like watching a magic show where the magician is wearing sheer sleeves.”

You can watch Meyers’ full monologue in the video above.