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Seth Rogen Shares Raunchier (and More Confusing) International Titles for ‘Blockers’ (Video)

”Operation: Chicken Container“ — really, Taiwan?

Seth Rogen was eventually cool with the title they settled on for his new movie “Blockers,” even though he originally wanted to call it “C— Blockers” and said so about a thousand times when he appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday.

Instead, the studio created to a poster design with a picture of a chicken + “Blockers.”

However, when Jimmy Kimmel went over the posters used to promote the Rogen-produced flick worldwide, they were both a bit flabbergasted by what other countries went with. Among them were France’s “Parental Consent,” Thailand’s “Block Sex Happening On Prom Night,” Taiwan’s “Operation: Chicken Container,” and hats off to Slovenia, which somehow managed to get “Not With My Daughter” in there.

Watch the clip above.

“Blockers” hits theaters today, Friday.