Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel Spoof ‘True Detective’ in Eerily On-Point Parody (Video)

“You ever see a baby kill its own mama with a breakfast taco?”


In “True Detective,” HBO produced not only the most buzzed-about and dissected show of early 2014, but also the most parodied program in quite some time.

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Less than a week after Joel McHale and Jim Rash spoofed the grim, southern neo-noir, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen took their shot at aping the everyman Marty (Woody Harrelson) and the darkly philosophical Rust (Matthew McConaughey). The effect was as if Judd Apatow took some time off from “Girls” to hop on over and lighten up another HBO hit.

The conceit was that this was a special sneak peek at season two, which virtually no one knows anything about, other than the fact that it will be entirely different from the first run of “True Detective.”

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Rogen played the Rust character, telling woeful tales of personal crises, which included eating an entire, Costco-size bottle of baby aspirin. Kimmel, meanwhile, played a very amusing version of Marty, sans the drinking problem and affinity for stepping outside his marriage. Filming in Austin at SXSW only enhanced the authentic vibe.