Seth Rogen Slams Media for Handling of Sony Hack: ‘Drives Me F—ing Crazy’ (Video)

“It was the first major cyber attack that actually kind of put the media to the test,” the actor says on HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday”

Last Updated: August 11, 2016 @ 8:25 AM

Seth Rogen is still upset with how the media handled the Sony hack in 2014.

The “Sausage Party” star vented his frustration while appearing on HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday” this week, comparing the news mined from the hack to personal property left out on the street after a robbery. Host Bill Simmons asked his guest if he’s bothered that the media called “them leaks, when the emails were stolen.”

“That is honestly the thing that drives me f—ing crazy,” Rogen replied. “That’s what I think, honestly, looking back in 10 years, the Sony hack’s most relevance lies there. It was the first major cyberattack that actually kind of put the media to the test of like, ‘How do we deal with this?”

“Someone just robbed your house and gave every one of your personal photos, diaries, letters, your correspondences, and basically just left it on the street corner,” Rogen continued. “What are we going to do with that? Do you protect the victim of the crime? Do you do what the perpetrator of the crime is hoping you’re going to do?”

Rogen referenced a recent conversation with a journalist, who said “a lot of good stuff came out of it,” like the Hollywood pay gap discussion, which revealed leading female actresses were making less money than their male co-stars. Rogen is troubled by the cost of those revelations, though.

“Yeah, but what happened as a result of that? One person lost their job: a woman who was running the studio, who specifically had a very feminist agenda in the best way possible,” said Rogen. “She greenlit the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie, and she had been talking about making movies specifically less homophobic in a lot of ways, and she’s the one person who lost her job as a result of all of it.”

Watch the video above.