‘The Interview’ Star Seth Rogen’s Parents Robbed Him of Thanksgiving (Video)

“I haven’t confronted my parents, but I will one day,” Rogen says in a new animated holiday video produced by Funny or Die

Seth Rogen‘s parents pretty much robbed him of the joy of celebrating Thanksgiving as a child growing up in Canada.

Funny or Die has turned “The Interview” star’s explanation of why he believed Jewish people didn’t celebrate the holiday into an animated short that should help get viewers in the mood to give thanks for their blessings, mainly by stuffing their faces with turkey on Thursday.

“So I’m Canadian, and in Canada, they do celebrate Thanksgiving, but for some reason my parents didn’t want to do it, so they told me that Jewish people did not celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada,” Rogen recounts in “Seth Rogen‘s Jewish-Canadian-American Thanksgiving.”

“And I believed this, throughout my whole childhood, until I moved to the states,” Rogen continues.

Better late than never. And Rogen’s fans should be happy to hear that, yes, he is celebrating Turkey Day this year.

Watch the video.

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