‘Sex Education’ Trailer: Gillian Anderson Embarrasses Son Into Becoming a Teen Sex Therapist (Video)

Asa Butterfield co-stars as inexperienced, socially awkward high school student in new Netflix series

Look, Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson knows you’ve been pretending to masturbate and she wants to know if you want to talk about it.

That’s how the cringe-worthy 2-minute trailer for Netflix’s new series “Sex Education” begins, letting viewers know right off the bat this story about sex therapist Jean (Anderson) and her teenage son, Otis (Asa Butterfield), is going to be horrifyingly hilarious in the most awkward of ways.

In the clip, which the streamer dropped Wednesday ahead of the show’s Jan. 11 launch, Otis begins to realize he can actually turn his embarrassment over his mother’s profession into a lucrative trade, as he and his friends start an underground sex therapy clinic at their high school.

Here’s the logline for the series:

Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) is an inexperienced, socially awkward high school student who lives with his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson), a sex therapist. Surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis is a reluctant expert on the subject. When his home life is revealed at school, Otis realizes that he can use his specialist knowledge to gain status. He teams up with Maeve (Emma Mackey), a whip-smart bad-girl, and his best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and together they set up an underground sex therapy clinic to deal with their fellow students’ weird and wonderful problems. Through his analysis of teenage sexuality, Otis realizes he may need some therapy of his own.

“Sex Education” is created and written by Laurie Nunn and executive produced by Jamie Campbell and Ben Taylor (“Catastrophe”) and co-executive produced by Sian Robins-Grace. Taylor  and Kate Herron direct.

The series was produced by Eleven for Netflix.

Watch the trailer above and see the key art for “Sex Education” below.

“Sex Education” launches Jan. 11 on Netflix.

Sex Education