Shailene Woodley Falls in Love With Ansel Elgort in New ‘Fault in Our Stars’ Trailer (Video)

And let the tears start falling all over your keyboard

20th Century Fox

Shailene Woodley follows up her YA-hit “Divergent” with somewhat lighter fare: A comedy about cancer.

An extended trailer for Fox’s “The Fault in Our Stars” — based on John Green‘s popular novel of the same name — premiered online Monday, giving audiences their best look yet at the romantic dramedy.

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Woodley plays Hazel, a young teen struggling with cancer who, while attending a support group, falls in love with ex-ballplayer and amputee, Augustus (Ensol Engort). The laughs and tears come in equal measure as two try to love each other despite the ticking clock Hazel’s disease places upon their relationship.

Fans of the book, adapted by “500 Days of Summer” writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, are fiercely protective of the source material and its much-beloved characters. If the trailer is any indication, fans should be happy with the end result.

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“Fault in Our Stars” arrives in theaters June 6.

Get ready to have all the feels and watch the trailer below: