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Shailene Woodley Defends Aaron Rodgers, Says Media Needs to ‘Calm the F– Down’

The ”Big Little Lies“ actress picked apart a photo thought to be her star QB fiancé

Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers’ fiancée, came to the NFL star’s defense Tuesday, attacking a source that claimed through a photo that Aaron Rodgers had broken his quarantine to get coffee in Los Angeles.

Woodley posted screenshots of the photo on her Instagram story, dissecting and claiming it was not Rodgers breaking quarantine.

“Literally ya’ll need to calm the f— down. This is straight up HILARIOUS,” she wrote. “News outlets STILL grasping at straws to disparage Aaron. Finding random f–king men on the streets of LA and saying its him.”

The photo shows a man in all an black sweatsuit and black beanie with white tennis shoes.

“I know Aaron’s body VERY well,” Woodley continued. “First off, his feet, ahem and no offense to this random dude, are a LOT bigger. ;).”

“For those of us who know Aaron beyond the worlds of obsessed sport and s—y media, it’s no secret he has the hairiest hands on the f—ing planet,” she added. “This oblivious homie, clearly, does not. (Go ahead, zoom in.)”

 “Also, cute car dude, but Aaron would never drive this,” she concluded.

Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID Nov. 5. Following his move into isolation, the Green Bay Packers quarterback confirmed that he had not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine despite his claims that he was “immunized.”

Woodley, up until recently, had not weighed in on her football player fiancé’s decision to remain unvaccinated. Other celebrities like Terry Bradshaw, Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, Mike Fisher and broader organizations have shared their thoughts about his actions.

Rodgers had to sit out of last weekend’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs per NFL COVID regulations but will return for Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.