Shake Shack Finally Opens in West Hollywood, Customers Break Into Happy Dance (Video)

Hundreds of die-hard fans wait in line for hours for their burger fix

Hundreds of Shake Shack fanatics flocked to West Hollywood, California, Tuesday morning for the opening of their favorite burger joint’s first West Coast location.

The iconic New York  burger chain fired up the grills on Santa Monica Boulevard near La Cienega, with a line of die-hard fans stretching as far as the eye could see. According to Shake Shack Vice President of Marketing, Edwin Bragg, some arrived as early as 4 a.m.

So just how good are these burgers?

“Everything leaves your body and you’re kind of numb for a minute,” customer Chris del Valle, who’s been checking out the new location every day for eight months in anticipation, told TheWrap. “Then the taste hits your mouth and then everything comes back,” he said, adding that Shake Shake burgers are “a bit like an explosion in your face.”

Another customer equated the mouth-watering beef patties to “a little piece of orgasmic heaven.”

Others couldn’t speak at all, instead breaking into their happy dance, or as we like to call it, “The Shake Shack Shake.”

If you want to know why these burgers are so good, just watch the video above and see their celebration tweet below.

All the hype didn’t seem to make its way to Wall Street, however. Despite the mad crush in West Hollywood, Shake Shack stock dropped 3 percent today to $34.07.