The ‘Shame’ Red Band Trailer Wants to Melt Your Monitor (Video)

Clip from NC-17 rated Michael Fassbender/Carey Mulligan film hits the Web like a slab of sexiness

Prepare to be scandalized, gentle viewers.

The red band trailer for the Michael Fassbender film "Shame" — which has been slapped with a rare NC-17 rating — has hit the Internet like 3.5 metric tons of lava-hot carnality to help give us all a boost from the post-Thanksgiving doldrums.

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The movie stars "Inglourious Basterds" actor Fassbender as Brandon Sullivan, a New York-based sex addict whose lurid style is cramped when his sister (payed by Carey Mulligan) drops into town.

Dive into the action in the video below, but WARNING — the clip is jam-packed with really sexy sex and totally naked nudity, so if you're at work … close your office door.

"Shame" hits theaters for a limited release on Dec. 2.