Unaired Shane Gillis ‘SNL’ Liberty Mutual Parody Takes on Police Shooting Unarmed People | Video

The conservative comic’s fans were delighted with the sketch, which was cut from the broadcast for time

Conservative comedian Shane Gillis returned to “SNL” on Saturday night, his first appearance on the sketch comedy show since he was fired in 2019 after videos in which he used racial slurs on a podcast resurfaced. While Gillis’ appearance on the show has largely been panned, a Liberty Mutual parody that took a turn straight into a “Training Day”-like situation and satirized police who unnecessarily shoot unarmed people.

After Gillis’ “Doug” and the LiMu Emu find out “somebody’s paying for coverage they don’t need” in a parody of the long-running series of ads, the pair race to the person’s home (played by cast member Marcello Hernández) and kick in their door. Gillis gives his Liberty Mutual spiel before LiMu shockingly takes out a gun and shoots the man. He then claims to an upset Doug, “I thought he was going for a gun.”

After Gillis insisted that the man in question “barely moved,” LiMu answered, “We’re in a bad part of town.” The sketch continues in that fashion, with Gillis pointing out that the man in question gave no cause for concern and LiMu attempting to plant a gun — with no serial number — on the body, then justifying the shooting by pulling out a brick of cocaine from under the couch. Doug realizes that his partner killed the man in order to steal the drugs and sell them himself.

The sketch was a surprising one for Gillis and the often more politically conservative show, especially as Gillis did little to reference his past comments in his opening monologue and instead managed to make several offensive jokes—including one that used the “R” word about mental disabilities.

The police sketch, which was cut from the show due to time constraints, was also a reminder that sadly, it mirrors the real-life acts of a number of cops. In December, a Mississippi grand jury declined to indict Indianola Police Sgt. Greg Capers, who shot 11-year-old Aderrien Murry in the chest while responding to a domestic dispute in Murry’s home. The boy was hospitalized with a collapsed lung, lacerated liver and fractured ribs.

The sketch was inspired by the LiMu emu and Doug commercials from Liberty Mutual. Commenters on YouTube noted they enjoyed the sketch, with one person asking, “How did the funniest sketch of the night not make it to air” and another commenting, “I feel like this would be effective as a real commercial lmaoo.”

Watch the “SNL” sketch in the video above.


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