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Here Are the Super-Stupid Bumps Shane McMahon Took at WrestleMania 35 (Video)

The Miz got perhaps the worst of one of these

Shane McMahon takes the most dangerous (seemingly both the MOST dangerous and most-dangerous) bumps of any WWE Superstar, which is insane considering his family runs the company. WrestleMania 35 was no exception.

Below are some of the super-dumb bumps Shane O’Mac took on Sunday during his MetLife Stadium WrestleMania match against The Miz.

Ouch. It’s not so much the landing on top of the golf cart roof that will get you — it’s that second fall.

And then there was this madness from some sort of camera scaffolding:

On the plus side, Shane actually picked up a somewhat cheap win after this spot, as Miz’s shoulders ended up pinned down by McMahon’s equally lifeless body following that crazy Superplex. Yes, the mid-‘Mania match was of the Falls Count Anywhere variety.

Before things got insane in this match, they got personal. McMahon landed a few punches and kicks on Miz’s definitively non-wrestling father. George Mizanin has been a part of this heel-Shane and babyface-Miz storyline for a few months now.

For the uninitiated, a “bump” is the pro-wrestling term for a fall on the mat or ground. Or sometimes, on a frickin’ golf cart.

Click here and here for some past craziness from Vince McMahon’s son. Dude, just take an office job.

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