Shannen Doherty Talks Jason Priestley’s Memoir Claims, Tori Spelling’s Show: ‘My Heart Breaks for Her’ (Video)

“I always said everybody has their own version of the truth. Memories are very funny things,” the former “90210” star says

Shannen Doherty opened up about her fabled torrid relationships with her former co-stars on “Beverly Hills 90210” in an appearance on “Arsenio.”

Hall mentioned Jason Priestley had a new memoir and observed that he was under the impression “you all aren’t cool.”

“I don’t know, I mean, it was so long ago and honestly, I would have to refer to the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of journals I have of every single day taking account of everything that happened,” Doherty said sarcastically. “I always said everybody has their own version of the truth. Memories are very funny things.”

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Hall also took a moment to get the 90s icon’s opinion on Tori Spelling‘s drama on her reality show.

“Tori’s going through a lot of stuff publicly,” Hall acknowledged. “These days how is your relationship with her? And what do you think about what she’s going through?”

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“I will say this, I watch the show and this is my take,” Doherty said, showing her jaw wide open. “I mean, wow, wow. It is just all out there. She’s bearing her soul and I think that everybody has their process of what is cathartic on how to deal with something.”

“If she called and asked for your advice, would you tell her not to do it this way?” Hall asked.

“I would tell her to do whatever is the best for her,” Doherty said. “My heart breaks for her. For anybody in that situation. That’s pretty awful. I certainly hope everything works out for the best. And in the meantime, it’s making for some amazing TV!”

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